It Lives It Breathes Make WWE Wrestlemania Medley!

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If you haven’t met the band It Lives It Breathes then you are missing out on probably one of the most powerful singers in this scene. Kevin Lacerda fronts the band and his voice takes center stage on a show night in a club somewhere. The Stay Sick Recordings band have just put out one of the most insane covers and most unique any band has done in awhile and it involves their love for the WWE Wreslemania event.

The hair metal vibes that carry through the band’s sound lend a perfect recipe to do a cover such as this. The band are not strangers to throwback tunes, just a little over a month ago they put out a riveting cover of Chuck Berry’s ‘Jonny Be Good’ and it is so insane. The guitars push the song as Lacerda’s voice carries the melody along in a powerful way, with insane range! The guitars go into an insane throwback solo setting those strings on fire riffing away. The cover even featured a saxophone! What modern day band in this scene has used a saxophone? Not many if any at all. This was no different on the WWE medley, except no saxophone this time, but we can get by and manage.

The opening part features a chant of gang vocals going into the medley while the guitars harmonize in the opening of the song. The song goes from that into Shawn Michaels‘ ‘Sexy Boy’ and this is when Kevin’s voice starts to push through and shine hitting notes that we only wish we could! The guitars start setting fire to strings with a mid song solo burning away the end transitioning into the Shinsuke Nakamura’s ‘The Rising Sun’ piece. As the vocals and guitars come in softer, the drums take the stage with intricate patterns and fills driving into the opening riff going into another vocal chant before the medley is closed.

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Whether or not you love pro wrestling or not, this was treat to hear and watch which you can below. The band also has their debut album out ‘Silver Knights’ which you can buy HERE via Stay Sick Recordings.

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