Uber Driver Unknowingly Picks Up Cheating Mans’ Side Chick! Tweets The Entire Ordeal!

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What was supposed to be a simple drop and go Uber ride turned ugly when the driver made the realization that she had just picked up her boyfriends side chick and was taking her directly to his home. The story has gone viral after the driver,[email protected], decided to tweet the entire ordeal for our gossipy pleasure. What a way to find out that your man is cheating on you! Needless to say things did not end well for him or the side chick, as @Msixelaa was fuming mad and of course hurt!

It seems that @Msixelaa’s boyfriend told her that he was going on a trip to visit his sick mother in the hospital even going as far as to pack bags and everything to make it seem legit. Being a good girlfriend @Msixelaa even stayed with her man the night before to make sure he was okay and when they left in the morning he pulled his car out and headed in the direction of the airport.  Poor gullible @Msixelaa did not suspect a thing!

Here’s where things take a drastic turn. When driving for Uber @Msixelaa gets a notification for a pick-up at the airport for a girl who said she is town visiting her boyfriend that she hasn’t seen for awhile and puts the address for an apartment complex in the GPS. Well, it so happens that it is the same apartment complex as @Msixelaa’s man, but hey, that could easily be a coincidence.  As they go along further the two begin talking, as the woman starts playing love songs and talking about her relationship.  Mind you, @Msixelaa still doesn’t realize she is talking about her boyfriend, yet. Key word is yet. Once they get into the apartment complex, @Msixelaa begins to put two and two together and then notices that her (now ex) man’s car is back in the parking lot.

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He comes running out to help side chick with her luggage, spots @Msixelaa and then takes off running. What a punk! He even leaves side chick out there in the parking lot with @Msixelaa! How’s that for love? Of course a fight ensues and let’s just say that cheating boyfriend and side chick got exactly what they deserved. You can read the entire ordeal via @Msixelaa’s series of tweets below. Talk about drama! We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried! Well, gentleman … @Msixelaa is now a single lady, just don’t even think about cheating on this feisty #UberBae!

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