Canadian Officials Revoke Offensive License Plate

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Government officials have deemed a man’s personalized license plate which consisted of his actual last name to be offensive, specifically towards women. The man’s name just so happens to be Lorne Grabher, which we only wish we were making up!

The man had his last name “Grabher” placed on his license plate nearly a decade ago with no issues raised at the time. Grabher now claims that when he went to renew his license plate registration this year he was told the plate was too offensive despite the fact that it is his legal given surname. Grabher also reveals that he initially decided to have his last name on the license plate as a gift for his late father’s birthday as a form of remembrance.

Grabher feels that the Canadian government is discriminating against his name and he is demanding justice and his right to have the license plate be reinstated. A representative of the Canadian transportation department says that they do understand Grabher’s frustration over the situation, however they feel that despite the last name having German roots, the general population may not understand this and find the plate to be offending.

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Under Canadian law the government can deny the use of any words or phrasing on license plates that could be considered in any way socially unacceptable or not in good taste. Would you be offended by Grabher’s license plate or are people just being too overly sensitive these days?