Vans Warped Tour Must Sees: Stage By Stage #1

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We are a team here so the list here doesn’t reflect that of the other writers or staff, but really just me. As everyone knows the Vans Warped Tour bands were OFFICIALLY announced yesterday and the reaction has been the most positive that it has been in awhile! So stage by stage, I’ll say which bands I am most stoked about!


NOTE: Some bands on the tour I like but have seen many times therefore are not a must see….so no crying over your band not being here 😉

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Journeys Left Foot Stage

CKY– Solely because this band is a classic. They were majorly popular back in the 2000s and certainly have their road legs for the Vans Warped Tour. Not a music fan of them exactly, just a live show I wouldn’t mind checking out

Hawthorne Heights– Just a youth into adulthood favorite is all I need to say for this one!

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Never Shout Never (Throwback Set)– This guy was the scene king for a bit and is infamously or famously, depending on who you ask, responsible for making Bryan Stars cry. Outside of that his material from early on was simple yet fun and catchy. Seeing these old songs live and yet to have ever seen them puts them on my list for sure.

Journeys Right Foot Stage

Beartooth– Because Beartooth. That is all

Hands Like Houses– A band I have loved and followed but have only seen a handful of times. Fun fact, their last headline run with Out Last Night was the first for me in an indoor venue. Before that was all Warped only like twice or so. So more of them please!

Skull Candy Stage

The White Noise– The future stars of the scene. Their blend of pop punk and post hardcore is done flawlessly and it is nonstop energy. I have seen them once before and they did NOT disappoint. They are the band you’re going to wish you didn’t skip

William Control– Wil Francis is a musical genius. Known for his band Aiden, he is a tested Vans Warped Tour musician who knows how to put on a show! Though this project isn’t that of Aiden, it is certainly a great moody sound for many to enjoy!

Hard Rock Stage

The Ataris– A band with a few good tunes I have yet to see. More of a nostalgic watch to be honest here…

Mutant North/South Stages

Being As An Ocean- Because everyone needs to cry during a hot summer day!

Fit For A King- Certainly one of my favorite bands. Some on the tour I have seen so many times they aren’t a must see, but this band is always a band that shall never be missed.

Hatebreed- Because you need to see some people die and get knocked out by huge fat dudes right?

Silent Planet- Another favorite and good people. Anyone who has seen this band can feel the difference in the mood they set.

Blessthefall– Just a band that has stuck with me that I don’t see during the normal touring months often. Warped Tour has been pretty much the only times I have seen this band, and they never let me down!


Sworn In- Upcoming stars in the scene that are being highly anticipated after their new single ‘The Grey’.

Too Close To Touch– Another amazing band that hits you in the feels. If crying to Being As An Ocean wasn’t enough, check these guys out!

GWAR– Just go to Youtube and look up their shows….that will say all that needs to be said…

Full Sail Stage

Bad Omens- Some good homies that have certainly grown a ton in a year. Their music is heavy and infectious and will get you singing and chanting along!

Knocked Loose- Seeing them in small venues and now on Warped Tour has me wanting to see them on a bigger stage. Also more fat dudes knocking people down….

Movements– More crying

And that’s all folks! Let us know who YOU want to see! The Vans Warped Tour is closer than you think so get ready.

Trenton started working with Southeast Pit Report in late 2014. Since then, he has interviewed many bands of all sizes and started the Straight Out The Pit podcast. As of Feb 2017, he began writing for The Sickest. @southeast_trent for twitter and IG!