Warped Tour Controversies You Have Heard or Not Heard About

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With March 22nd looming among us all, we eagerly anticipate the announcement of the 2017 Vans Warped Tour lineup. For many, it can seem like waking up on Christmas, except you may be disappointed if your favorite band didn’t make it. I guess that’s like that gift you didn’t get bummed you out more than the awesome other ones. With another analogy to the holidays, there is always drama from somewhere going on during the holidays and that is very true for Warped Tour. In fact, since it’s inception, there seems to be always something brewing causing a fire Kevin Lyman has to put out. Here we go!

#1. Underoath and NOFX 2006

This was an interesting year as punk legends NOFX and Underoath, at the time were known as a Christian band, ended up becoming best friends on the tour. Fat Mike, NOFX vocalist, would make fun of people from stage and Underoath was of no exception. He would say he does it to people he likes. During this tour, Underoath dropped off with many assuming it was Fake Mike pushing them off when in reality, they were having internal issues with the band and had they stayed on they may have broken up and NEVER came back.

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#2. D12 (Eminem) vs Esham

Believe it or not, the now super star rap star was once on the Warped Tour in 2001. MAN would that have been a treat to see! Anyway, some prior tour beef with Esham led up to a back stage fight at one of the stops. The event removed both artists the statement said:

“On Friday, August 3, 2001, an incident occurred backstage at the Warped Tour, spurred by D12’s concern for the safety of their guests, As a result, both D12 and the other party involved have been asked to leave the tour.”

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Both Eminem and Esham suffered injuries.

#3. Front Porch Step

It is no secret that this name has had tons of controversy and negativity. Jake Mcelfresh has been known prior for his powerful voice, which let’s be honest it is a great talent, and heartfelt lyrics until he was exposed for engaging in inappropriate contacts with fans turned ‘girlfriends’ who were under age. He was shunned by the entire music scene but Kevin Lyman saw it that he performed one date of the Warped Tour in 2015. This led to a mega backlash from bands and fans across the country claiming that it was supposed to be a safe space for young kids. He was allowed because his therapist thought it would be good for him. It is still one of the most talked about happenings in Warped Tour history.

#4. Slaves Getting The Boot

Another band with a reputation for solely who is in it, Jonny Craig. Craig has a known and open history with substance abuse but has gotten clean and made steps towards progress. Again in 2015, they were brought to a Town Hall type meeting to have the tour vote them off the island essentiall after it was said Craig drunkenly bullied and sexually harassed a female crew member named Colleen. The document of the meeting is below.

#5. Matty Mullins vs The Amity Affliction

Okay, maybe vs is a bit too intense, but Joel Birch, frontman for TAA, did not take a liking to Memphis May Fire frontman Matt Mullins’ remarks about the way girls were dressing on the tour. Birch reported that:

He said onstage something along the lines of ‘I can’t believe all you girls are dressed like this, it’s disgusting to me.’ ‘You guys don’t have to act like, dress like sluts, to impress me, I’ve got a wife.’

Mullins went back to apologize for offending anyone and said this on the BadChristian Podcast:

“I was kinda at a weird time in my life—not that that’s an excuse for it at all—but I didn’t think so much about what I was saying before I said it, I had good intentions; I think that my intentions were of the Spirit, but my words were of the flesh. Does that makes sense? I made a comment about the way that girls were dressing at Warped Tour to remind them to respect themselves, and [subsequently] had a huge uproar of people that were offended by the comment. Later on I did multiple interviews where I apologized for the wording that I chose. I think that most people have come to kinda move past it, and it gave me a chance to connect to people on a different level, too.”

To this day, Birch has made side comments that it’s fixed but he still isn’t a personal fan of Mullins.

So there you have it! 5 Warped Tour controversies you may or may not have known happened! We can only hope this year is fun and awesome but you never know when some big news can break out. Till then, enjoy this video of Parker Cannon of The Story So Far tackling a rough security guard 🙂

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