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It’s no secret that fashion plays almost as big of a role in music today as much as well, the music. Some bands have one uniformed style to fit their show or concept of the music while others tend to go more trendy with each member having their own style. Either way, we all know band dudes and dudettes are 9 times out of 10 way more put together than we are. Many of these have taken their style into their own hands and created clothing lines from what many would say is ‘stuff that I would wear’. So here it is, some clothing lines started by some of your favorite bands!

#1. Drop Dead Co (Oli Sykes)

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Created by Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon in 2005, it has been a long running endeavor from the frontman. It had been growing as the band grows, obviously a world wide market didn’t know about the brand until the band’s rise to fame. The line offers both men and women apparel as well as unisex.

#2. Anthem Made (Kellin Quinn)

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Founded in 2012, their story goes as this:

Anthem Made Clothing was created by 2 friends who share a similar idea, start a clothing line dedicated to a lifestyle. We want our customer to feel like they are represented in gear that portrays a personality not just a style. We at Anthem want you to be exactly who you are. You are Anthem Made. – Kellin Quinn

However, it seems currently the line has been dormant as the website has seem to have been taken down and nothing new has been updated on the facebook page.

#3. Stay Sick Clothing (Chris Fronzak)

The story goes:

Stay Sick was founded in 2011 on hopes, dreams & $0. We make badass clothes for badass people! Check out our website & join team stay sick today!

Granted there is now more than $0 in the bank as the line has gotten very popular. This was the first brand with ‘Stay Sick’ in the title as the record label of the same name soon followed. For any doubters, Fronz has stated in numerous interviews he literally had no money when he started this line.

#4. Resist & Rebel (Telle Smith)

Their mission statement reads:

We stand for change, for breaking the mold, and stand by our goals of creating high quality products at an affordable price! Thank you for your support!

This was started in 2011 by Telle Smith and former member of Woe, Is Me. The line is still active as posts regarding The Word Alive and savings in the store have been made on the band’s facebook.

#5. Vursa Limited (Levi Benton)

Founded in 2010, the meaning is very unique as described:

Ambitious clothing line founded by Levi Benton.

ver·sa·tile –
(able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities)
you –
(used to refer to any person in general)

Unfortunately outside of a post from jan 29th, every update has been inspiration quotes. Not sure if the line is dormant for the time being at the moment.

#6. Agape Attire (Ross Kenyon)

This is one of the older ones on the list dating to 2007. It was started by Ross Kenyon, formerly the frontman of Confide, which disbanded, released one more record, then went ghost again. Not much info is written form a bio stand point, but they have a compassion tab on the website which links to the organization that sponsors kids.

#7. Serpent & Co (Ben Bruce)

After dropping BB Clothing, Ben Bruce started up this one. In 2015 he started up this one and the description:

Co-founded by Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria, Serpent & Co strives to become a brand that creates unique, high quality menswear and womenswear. Inspired by modern fashion, internet culture and a Rock & Roll lifestyle we will continue to add to our product catalogue to create exciting new ranges.

#8. One Love Apparel (Ahren Stringer, JJ Peters)

Ahren and JJ started this in 2011. The history goes:

What happens when the brains behind “Deez Nuts” and “The Amity Affliction” put there heads together to create a clothing line? ONE LOVE APPAREL.

Having traversed the globe, spreading a message of hedonism and excess to our dedicated fan base we’re now bringing our uncompromising work ethic and sense of style to the to the fashion industry, combining our love of everything from music to sports to cigarettes.

All designs are conceived by JJ and String then brought to reality by various designers and collaborative artists under our careful direction.

One Love Apparel; the kind of clothes we want to wear. If you have any taste, you will too.

So there you have it! Some clothing lines for you to shop around with when looking for your next look!


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