We Miss You, Christina Grimmie

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It seems yesterday we got the shocking and sad news of the passing if Christina Grimmie. The beautiful and talented youtube star turned mainstream singer had a bright future in music. This past weekend would’ve been her birthday, March 12th 1994.

June 10th of last year was that of any normal day. Sound checks and rehearsals for her tour that had rolled through The Plaza Live in Orlando, Florida were done, hanging out in the bus and green room like any other show, not knowing that once arriving she wouldn’t be leaving. She took the stage with her backing band, Before You Exit, to a packed house. Afterwards she went out to do a meet n greet to say hello to her loyal and growing following and for some still unknown reason was shot around 10:24pm by Kevin James Loibl who then tool his life. She died in front of her fans and brother who potentially saved more lives by subduing him but not before taking his own.

This tragedy shocked the music community from the big stages to local clubs. Many wondered if it could happen to them? Are my kids safe at shows?  Many offered condolences to the Grimmie family.

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I personally found her via youtube many years ago under the name zeldalover64. She would sit in front of her camera playing a keyboard and allowed her raw talent shine. She released various projects before joining The Voice in 2014 and was on Adam Levine’s team. She ended up third but gained a loyal fan base right away. She released her debut post The Voice EP Side A in February of 2016 with plans of a full length later on.

After her death,  her projects that were being finished have come to fruition with the Side B EP coming this year and her movie that came out last year called The Matchbreaker.

Even though we get to see and experience her heart and soul in these projects, we all still miss her. A true talent and genuine human taken way too soon. So it is ‘with love’ we write this.

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Stream a single from the EP below

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