David Beckham Smashes Tooth In Snowboarding Accident!

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Soccer (or football, as they call it his home country) superstar David Beckham smashed his tooth in a snowboarding accident that took place during a family vacation in Whistler, Canada. Apparently, the Beckham family as a whole were quite accident prone during this particular trip, as Beckham’s 17-year old son Brooklyn broke his collar-bone in a fall during the same trip.

Somebody get the Beckham family off of these slopes! Sources say that Beckham was a “real trooper” in regards to the injury and visited an emergency dentist upon his return to London to have his incisor tooth repaired.

Son Brooklyn posted a video of his snowboarding accident which has been viewed thousands of times, because who doesn’t like videos of people falling down!┬áThe video shows Brooklyn flying down the slope and going over a few jumps. Then somehow the end of his board catches in a snow drift and then … there goes the collar-bone! Ouch!

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You can view the video of Brooklyn’s accident below:

We are happy to hear that both father and son are recovering well after their mutual snowboarding fiasco! And don’t worry! David Beckham’s gorgeous face is still just fine!

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