World’s Smallest Mobile Nightclub Opens In England

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Two men in England have set the Guinness World Record

for world’s smallest mobile nightclub. The pair debuted Club 28, the mini-nightclub, which is only 6 feet 7 inches high and 3 feet wide by 5 feet deep, at the recent Rotherham Carnival.

Gerard Jenkins-Omar and Stephen Robson were absolutely thrilled when they learned that they had broken an new world record and are overjoyed that they were able to bring a claim to fame back to their hometown in Rotherham.

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They said, “The town has suffered from a lot of negativity in recent years so we are actively looking at ways to improve the ‘good feeling’ in the area and improve arts and culture whilst engaging local people.”

The adorable mini-nightclub is fully functional as it features a professional level sound system with not one, but two turntables, a dance floor, a door man who works outside and there is still enough room on the inside to fit 6 party-goers plus a DJ on the inside.

We seriously have to see this thing in action! Two different DJ’s have already performed at the mini-nightclub and both Jenkins-Omar and Robson plan to seek out additional performers in the future. Everyone who leaves the mini-nightclub comes out with a smile on their face, as it is truly an adorably novel concept.

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We have to wonder if they can find some way to fit a bar in there as well! That would certainly liven things up even more!

In order for Jenkins-Omar and Robson to set the world record the club had to be open to the general public and charge an admission feel to get it! Heck, we would pay the admittance fee just to check the place out. Wonder if they can somehow fly it overseas?

Let’s get this portable nightclub thing to take off!