Bless His Heart! Jesus Has A Tinder Account!

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As many Tinder users know there is just about every type of man imaginable on the popular dating app, but did you know that even his holiness, Jesus Christ has taken some time out from performing miracles and managed to set up an account!

Forget about finding “the one”, you can now possibly find the “Holy One”! Twitter users @QueenIdle was one of the first to find Jesus on Tinder and graciously shared her experience with all of us!

Jesus’ hilarious profile photo shows him turning water into wine and of course, who could forget the bread and fish. His bio is also hilarious reading “Actually several thousand years old idk why it says 21 lol. Downside: I’ve only been nailed once. Upside: I would die for you, so you know I’m committed…also my dad is a pretty big deal. He always beats me in dreidel. Swipe right if you need some Jesus in you”

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Well, done sir! The jokester who came up with the idea for this profile deserves a pat on the back (or perhaps we could just wash his feet)! Even his anthem of Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take The Wheel” is spot-on!

It seems that Tinder Jesus has been having a lot of fun trolling other women on the app in addition to @QueenIdle and his responses have been absolutely hilarious! Take note men! Jesus has some of the best pick-up lines! Doesn’t everyone need a little Jesus in their lives?

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