This Dude Turned His Basement Into The Craziest At-Home Bar

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At-home bars are typically not all that impressive. There’s just not much you can do in your basement—even if you’re that bored.

Unless, of course, you’re Reddit user andernic, who went all-out to build the coolest bar in his basement you’ll ever see.

Andernic really went the extra mile, working away for six months to transform his dark and empty basement into a sick aviator-themed bar that would impress anyone.

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He began by lining the walls with wood planks and figuring out the placement for the columns.

He started with lining his walls with wood planks and planning the placement for his columns.

He created the overhanging arch by screwing pieces of wood in place and did a mock-up of how the columns would look.

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He inserted pieces of wood in place for an overhanging arch and did a mock-up of how the columns would end up looking.

A sleek gray would go perfectly with the bar's aviator theme.

The aviator theme is present even here with the sleek gray.

Andernic bought two refrigerators and already-finished cabinets that were easy to assemble.

Some easy-to-assemble refrigerators and cabinets.

The wine racks were also purchased finished. He screwed them straight into the wall.

Dope wine racks screwed straight into the wall.

Next came the bar itself -- he began screwing and gluing medium density fiberboard to the floor.

Here’s the actual bar. He screwed and glued medium density fiberboard to the floor.

Each sheet would form a cabinet inside the bar.

The sheets make up a cabinet for the bar.

Using pocket screws, he attached more boards to the top of the base.

He used pocket screws to attach more board to the top of the base.

For an old-school look, he attached column beams. LED lights gave the space a more hi-tech feel.

For the concrete bar top, he screwed in edge forms.

And he taped fiber mesh inside to reinforce the concrete.

he reinforced the concrete here with taped fiber mesh.

This helped him get the perfect curve and shape while pouring.

The seating area was done...then it was time to move to the countertop. He put concrete board down first to keep everything in place.

And it turned out exactly how he wanted it.

The seating area was done, and countertop was finished up to keep everything in its right place.

Next, the builder glued planks to the columns and attached a wire for the pub light.

Dope pub light.

For the back bar, he attached the sink to one of the cabinets and filled the top around it with concrete.

The back wall was easy to create because he used faux stone sheets that were made out of foam.

But they look real enough to make those walls classy!

After screwing planks to the arch top for the bar's trim molding, he attached an LED light strip to it.

After screwing the planks for the bar’s trim molding, he attached an LED light strip.

With new wood flooring and a few coats of paint on the columns, the bar was already looking amazing.

All of the major building was done, so he got to work on sanding the concrete tops.

For the final few touches, he installed these beautiful pub lights.

Even the sink looks awesome.

All the bar needed was some nice furniture and wall art to make it complete.

Isn't this the most epic home bar you've ever seen?

I am incredibly jealous of this gorgeous masterpiece.