Watch The Second Teaser For Tupac’s Biopic ‘All Eyes On Me’

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Today, September 13th, marks the 20th anniversary of the death of arguably the most influential figure in hip hop history – Tupac Shakur.

Earlier this morning, the filmmakers behind Tupac’s upcoming biopic All Eyes On Me decided to unleash the second teaser for the film.

All Eyes On Me sees actor Demetrius Shipp Jr. masterfully take on the role of the iconic emcee, who is seen throughout the trailer in various stages of his life.

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The nearly two minute trailer highlights everything from Tupac’s incarceration to his political activism – giving fans a pretty concrete overview of the look and feel of the movie.

Back in March, Shipp talked about his role with XXL, expressing how honored he was to be playing Shakur.

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“I have to say that I’m a very passionate person, a person that’s very driven on integrity and my beliefs,” he said. “I believe there’s definitely a similarity there. Just getting into the character, I fell in love with who he was. It was common things that were brought together with me and him, our childhood. It was a crazy thing to be able to do it.”

Jamal Woolard, who famously portrayed the Notorious B.I.G. in 2009’s Notorious, will be making his return in All Eyes On Me as the Brooklyn emcee once again.

The Benny Boom-directed film is slated to hit theaters on Nov. 11.


[via SoRaspy]