Texas Pool Party Flips Into Royal Rumble

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A seemingly peaceful Texas pool party Saturday turned into an all out brawl within a matter of seconds.

Fortunately in 2016, we can always count on someone whipping out their phone to capture the madness.

The royal rumble is said to have taken place at the Capstone Cottages apartment complex, appropriately dubbed “Trapstone.”

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The apartment complex serves as off campus housing for Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas.

The New York Daily Newsreported that despite how chaotic things were, the San Marcos Police weren’t called to the scene.

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In fact, the police claim that there we no reports of injuries, weapons, or even calls to emergency services.

Even more surprising is the fact that University officials didn’t even know that this went down.

The video kicks off in the middle of an argument between two “bros.”

While it’s unknown what the confrontation was over – we can imagine it was probably something very foolish.

We then see one of the men – we’ll call him Steve – step toward the other with his arms wide open as if to gesture “I wish a n*gga would,” only to have his counterpart send a flurry of fists all up in his grill.

Steve’s homie sees this going down – and decides to dart over and come to his friend’s defense.

But we haven’t even gotten to the best part.

Steve redeems himself by rocking another partygoer, causing him to backflip into the pool!

Check it all out below.