Watch This High Schooler Swat Steph Curry’s Three-Pointer

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When Steph Curry shoots for the three, it goes in—usually. During a scrimmage match on Tuesday in China, things went down a little differently.

Stephen Curry landed in China this past weekend for an Under Armour tour, with stops in Hong Kong and several other major cities.  In Taipei, he played an exhibition game where a high schooler, Gian Mamuyac, managed to block his buzzer-beating three-pointer.

With the clock ticking down, the footage below shows Curry going for the crossover through Mamuyac but getting immediately swatted.

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After that, Curry asked for a re-do so he could get his three in, so Mamuyac intentionally tried to defend him less.

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The 17-year-old—not even six-foot-tall—is a student at a prestigious basketball academy in the Philipines. He played on the Filipino U-18 national squad during 2016’s Southeast Asian Basketball Association Tournament.

Mamuyac went home from the scrimmage as MVP and got the opportunity of a lifetime: a trip to Curry’s basketball camp.

This is all a reminder that Steph Curry is human, even though everything points to the contrary (except him blowing the Warriors’ 3-1 lead in the 2016 NBA Finals). With Game 7—of obviously greater importance than a scrimmage game—on the line, Curry had his not-so-great moment, in case y’all forgot.

Either way, Mamuyac is definitely going places, and Curry must feel humbled by the experience of getting a three-pointer swatted by a seventeen-year-old.

He’s still Steph Curry, though.